NIKITA: wanna be the third?
Mamamusic and man's magazine MAXIM is announcing casting for the third participant of the sexiest girls' band NIKITA! If you are beautiful, young, uncomplexed, can sing and dance well, sing one of the NIKITA songs, make video and send it (or youtube link) with your photos, contacts and telephone number to nikita@maximonline.com.ua
1. Age – 18-28 years old
2. Height – 168-172 cm
3. Body parameters – 90-60-90 (ideally)
4. Brunette
Selected photos will be placed on the official Facebook pageshttp://www.facebook.com/nikita.official and http://www.facebook.com/Maxim.Ukraine. Photos of 10 best candidates will be published in the April issue of MAXIM Ukraine magazine and the winner will appear on the cover of the May issue together with Dasha Astafieva and Nana (NIKITA)
The last day of the casting is 25th February 2012


The band NikitA accumulates sexual energy for its creative work. After a one year break from sex they presented a new music video «20:12».

The premier of their new music video all over the post-soviet countries and the presentation of the Russian Playboy’s November issue, whose cover shows the charming Dasha Astafieva, were celebrated together. These two events took place in a night club called Barbados on Thursday night when it turned into a temple of love for several hours. The atmosphere was really hot due to the beautiful singers and improved the visitors’ mood immensely.

The gorgeous singers greeted every guest personally trying to give each person the maximum of attention. But the presentation of their new work was the main gift for everybody. This time the girls didn’t walk naked around the supermarket or appear as two nuns, they actually were in the boxing ring. Many men admire fighting women claiming that they have never seen anything more arousing than that. So, when Dasha and Nana did it, everyone was speechless.

‘If the Klitchko brothers are expected to have a knock-out in the first round, this is a fight where you want to watch all 12 rounds, the guests, celebrities and media representatives whispered. – If the Klitchko brothers are unbeatable, then Dasha and Nana are unforgettable’.

For this show Dasha decided to put on a costume of the Egyptian princess Nefertiti. This is how she explains her choice, ‘She was the embodiment of the vital solar power, a symbol of fertility, prosperity and the might of natural beauty’

Looking at Dasha leaves no doubt about truth of these words. These words suit her perfectly, her natural beauty drives men crazy. The publishers of the legendary Playboy magazine were not an exception when they put her photo on the cover with the words ‘Hugh knows her’. Well, it’s not a mystery any more that Dasha managed to catch attention of Hugh Hefner proper, founder and chief editor of Playboy magazine, and even was invited to live in his mansion.

‘Nowadays everybody is panicking because of the Apocalypse, which is coming in the year 2012, the brave singers smile. – In our new video we announce that the end of the world is not coming. Love will save the world!’

And despite their outrageous behavior on stage, in real life the girls have rather conservative principles.

‘We haven’t had sexual relations for more than a year, the participants of the erotic duo say. We are waiting for our princes and are pretty sure to meet them very soon. Meanwhile we are saving our energy for art and creative projects.’


IMG_8371 copyLast Saturday in Moscow the first Awards of Russian music channel RU.TV was held. This big event gathered the most popular representatives of Slavic show business. The concert hall and red carpet, on which the stars passed by, was surrounded by crowds of screaming fans and viewers of the TV channel with banners and cameras, barely held back by security.

But the real shock for both the audience and the musicians, gathered in the hall and in the wings, was the performance of the group NikitA. The sex-symbols Daria and Anastaciya walked the red carpet and appeared on stage almost naked! The girl’s bodies were covered only by little black squares on the most risque places which, by the way, did nothing to hide the stars splendid figures.

According to the director’s plan the performance of NikitA began with the girls getting out of a car just like in the music video ‘Veriovki’ (Ropes). Dasha Astafieva and Anastasiya descend in rhythm with the music, take off their robes and the video was shown to the audience in the hall. But no one could have thought that the nude singers really were approaching the hall, the audience believed they were being shown a video! When the Ukrainian stars, looking so sexy, came on stage the audience simply taken aback!

Russian show business had never had such a shock! The Russian stars, long used to shock and provocation, were frozen with surprise upon seeing the Ukrainian stars completely naked!
The host of the evening Nikolai Baskov, aroused by the Ukrainian beauties’ appearance, yelled "I think the hall must give these singers a standing ovation!” It is not hard to understand that the Ukrainian group received a statuette for "Fantastisch of the Year” for the sexiest video ‘Veriovki.’
After the triumphal performance at the prestigious music awards in Moscow Dasha Astafieva departed to New York where she begins a planned promotional tour of the USA as well as meetings with the main man of the ‘Playboy’ world, Hugh Hefner.


While the world worries about the coming of 2012 the group "NikitA” announced "love will save us, there is nothing to fear.” The main sex symbols of Ukraine, Russia and Europe, the stars of Playboy, Dasha Astafieva and Anastasiya have released a new sex bomb: the video for their new international track "20:12”!
The song "20:12” is one of the last hits which were written for "NikitA” by Roman Babenko, the author of the album "Mashina” and the main hit-maker for the group. This is why the singers dedicated this song to him. The music video will be released in two languages right away, in English and Russian, after all, the premiere will take place simultaneously in Ukraine, Russia, Poland and Germany. The European partners of the group confirm that the song is so international that it will suit the tastes of people from any country regards of which language it is sung in.

"NikitA” prepared for the music video very thoroughly because both the singers themselves and their European producers have bet big on the song and its video. The video’s script was developed by the director Sergei Tkachenko together with "NikitA”. The girls had their own ideas about what should be in the video based on their personal preferences and interests; however the director insisted that the girl’s perfect bodies be shown.
As a professional athlete and master of sport in gymnastics Anastasiya had her own corrections to make in the groups regimen. Due to these changes the star of Playboy, Dasha Astafieva, began exercising harder. Because the video includes scenes in the boxing ring the singer, who has practiced Muay Thai, began spending a lot of time at the gym, where she gained 5 kg of muscle. While making the music video the girls were trained and advised by Dasha Astafieva’s regular trainer; the honored master of sport of Ukraine, three-time world champion, twice European champion, World Cup winner and multiple champion of international tournaments in Muay Thai; Maxim Slipchenko.

"We have very high expectations for this work, after all it is our first video with Anastasiya. In it we show all the suppressed energy, all the power and strength, which burns in our hearts and supports us both,” say the singers of the group "NikitA”.
"Anastasiya is amazingly hardy in the gym, she was my trainer while preparing for the video. In our group we secretly call Anastasiya "Black Horse” because of her determined character and strong body,” says Dasha Astafieva.

The video’s concepts were developed by the designer Valeriya Kovalskaya. As it should, the video will be released on television in censured form. But for the Internet "NikitA” has prepared something spicier. The fight scene in the ring where Dasha and Anastasiya are nude will be available only after the premiere of the video and only in the Internet.

Remember, the video’s premiere will happen at the same time in several countries, however guest of the exclusive party for the presentation of "20:12” will have the first chance to see the video on 27/10 in Moscow at the club "Barbados.”


NikitAThe NikitA band, which became a real music and sex sensation not only in CIS countries but also in USA, is now holding a new star in its membership. Dasha Astafieva, 55th anniversary playmate of Playboy magazine and a favorite of Hugh Hefner, gets a new "half " – sexual singer named AnastasiaThe new girl has an experience of erotic photo sessions for Playboy and stage performing as well as Dasha so she easily claims to be a new sex idol.
We would remind you that Julia Kavtaradze, who worked in NikitA for three years and took part in lots of erotic photo sessions and video clips with Dasha Astafieva has left the band. This decision was made mutually when girls realized that they want to move forward in different ways.
Julia Kavtaradze: "I realized that I want to develop myself in another fields – in the cinema and advertising, but it isn’t possible with the crazy tour schedule which the band has. Besides, NikitA – the favorite of erotic magazines, especially Playboy, and as for me, I made a decision not to pose naked, so I had to refuse all the time”.
Nowadays the singers are planning a trip to USA to visit Hugh Hefner who invited them to his Playboy mansion after the cancelation of his wedding.
Dasha Astafieva: "I believe that everything turns out for the best. Of course, this new period is very important for both of us. But the truth is that the harmony inside the band is the most important part of success, that’s why we put all our efforts to make the process of adaptation easier. The change of a member in the band – is an important event not only for the band itself but for all our fans who I am calling to support us. We are recording new material now and preparing a new performance, so you should be ready for surprises! ”
The first show of brand new NikitA took place in the club Golden Palace in Moscow, it was a Playboy party in honour of playmate 2011, where the singers were invited as a special guests.

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