NIKITA girls are armed with the stunning beauty and extreme sexuality!

Dasha Astafieva is the main «playmate» of Playboy magazine. Dasha has won a title of «playboy girl» twice: first time in Ukraine, her motherland, and second time in the USA where she became the main anniversary «playmate» in honor of the 55th birthday of American «Playboy».

Girls have got a title of sex idols of Ukraine. They are always on top in mass media.
Their video clips are shocking with aggressive sexuality and dainty erotic at the same time. The genre of their music is pop-electro-sexy style. 

In 2008 NIKITA was called «Best newcomer of the year».

Same year Dasha visited the owner of Playboy empire Hugh Hefner in his mansion in the USA, where she had erotic photo sessions, took part in world famous TV show «Girls next door» and finally won not only a title of anniversary "playmate" but the heart of Hugh Hefner. The famous «playboy» called Dasha «his beloved Ukrainian». He was very impressed by her natural beauty and the unbelievable resemblance between Dasha and his first love – legendary erotic model Bettie Page.

Astafieva became the first Slavic who has won an honored title of anniversary "playmate" among 500 other competitors from all over the world. A photo session, which made Dasha world famous, was so successful, that magazines in many countries have often imitated it.

In 2009 Dasha was chosen as an honored guest for the opening ceremony of Lithuanian "Playboy" and she also was accompanying Hugh Hefner on a legendary Sanremo Festival.  There have been a lot of rumors about Dasha and Hugh having a love affair.

In March 2009 the first album of NIKITA called «Machine» was released. More than 50 000 copies have been sold.

At the beginning of 2009 NIKITA took part in a national selection tour of  "Eurovision 2009"  song contest. The girls became favorites of the competition and they even were called the main candidates for a victory. But right before the final girls withdrew their candidacy.

The video clip for a song «Veryovki» (Cords) has provoked a huge sensation in mass media. In this video girls are walking in a shopping mall totally naked. Some experts called this video sensational, but some TV channels considered it too erotic and put it only on a night air.

Dasha Astafieva and Julia Kavtaradze took part in the national advertising campaign of «Sobieski» vodka along with such brand's world faces as Jåan Reno and Bruce Willis. Girls also took part in other advertising campaigns of cosmetics and jewelry.

Dasha Astafieva has also fulfilled herself as a TV host (a broadcast "Kino" (The Cinema) at national TV channel TONIS; "Pogoda" - weather forecast show at national music channel M1) and a column writer (erotic column in a very popular national-political newspaper (369 000 circulation) where Dasha answered questions about sex).

Dasha became the face of a Ukrainian designer Olga Gromova in the USA. World famous photographer Guido Argentini made photo for the advertising campaign.

In the end of 2009 "Cosmopolitan" magazine called girls from NIKITA the most stylish singers of the year and awarded them with a prestige prize.

In June 2010 NIKITA visited Las Vegas where they performed on a private "Playboy" party of Hugh Hefner and after that stayed in his "Playboy mansion" for a week at Hugh's insistence.

Nowadays NIKITA has a lot of concerts in Ukraine and Russia, where girls are already very popular thanks to their music and video clips as well as many interviews and erotic photo sessions on Russian Playboy's cover and also for «XXL» magazine.

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